The promotion simulations were slightly harder set of simulations for me to complete. With the first being a simulation in which I had to only use traditional means of advertising. This was difficult because I had to find a balance between spending money on Newspaper ads and what deals to place in those and where to position Billboards around town. These simulations brought in the need for the customer view in which one could see where you are getting your current customers and where the remaining markets are. This would be similar to looking at a population density map in real life. The balance was difficult for me to find and many times I failed to find that balance it wasn't until I acquired assistance from my fellow entrepreneurs in which I was lead down the path to success. In the other simulation I was tasked with creating a email database in which I could send out email deals to civilians and people exclusively on my email list. The goal for this was delayed for me due to multiple times of being reported for spamming emails which is a violation of the CAN-SPAM act of 2003. This pushed me back months at a time most of the time causing me to loose profits at an exponential rate. Promotion is important to every business because it is most of the time the face of the corporation.


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